Beautiful clean bourbon vanilla and only 128 kcalories per100ml serving.


100% cocoamass (ie all the cocoa butter and cocoa powder) cooked into the mix.


Whole senga strawberries whipped into vanilla ice cream.

Rum & Raisin

Plump Thomson raisins soaked for 24 hours in mellow aged Cuban rum.

Stem Ginger

Chunks of mild young stem ginger in vanilla ice cream.

Swiss Truffle

Stracciatella of gianduja - smooth hazelnut and chocolate streaks.

Hazelnut & White Chocolate

Smooth hazelnut praline and chunks of white chocolate.

Mango & Passionfruit

Sharp passionfruit taste cuts through rich alphonso mango.

After Dinner Mint Chocolate

White mint ice cream with plain chocolate chips.

Devon Fudge

Our own hand made fudge pieces stirred into vanilla ice cream.

Summer Fruits

Strawberries, cherries and all sorts of berries

Almond Moccabean

Smooth silky true almond praline studded with strong dark chocolate coffee beans.

Ice Creams

Jersey cows could have been invented for ice cream.

Their milk is rich in cream and protein and so perfect for ice cream. Rookbeare ice cream has a pure clean taste and is made with no additives of any description.

Where can you buy our ice creams?

Waitrose Ocado
Harrods Darts Farm
Berry Dairy Riverford Farm Shop
Joshuas Harvest Store Barleymows Farm Shop
Washingpool Farm

Our ice creams are also available from good farm shops, delicatessens and independent grocers nationwide.


  • "I bought a tub, and immediately ripped off the lid. I was taken aback by how much it looked like my ice cream of two decades ago. The pale but deep cream colour. The size and distribution of the fudge pieces. But it was tasting it that really blew my mind. This was my ice cream. The rich raw milk taste and silky, yolky texture of the frozen custard. The chilly graininess of the fudge. Taste memory is the most poignant, and perhaps the most accurate too. It all came flooding back in a delightful, sensual wave of oral nostalgia."

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall


Recipe Suggestion


Rookbeare Farm - Affogato Recipe Suggestion

Affogato, meaning 'drowned', is a popular Italian ice cream sundae originating from Milan. The best way to make coffee ice cream.

500ml Rookbeare Farm Vanilla Ice Cream
4 shots of Espresso coffee
Amaretti biscuits (optional)

Chill four glasses and put a scoop of Rookbeare Vanilla Ice Cream into each. Pour an espresso shot over each glass of ice cream and serve immediately. As an optional extra, you could also crumble some Amaretti over your affogato.

Serves 4