Rookbeare Farm - Lime Daiquiri Sorbet

Cocktail Sorbet

Product Description
Lime Daiquiri exactly the same ingredients as the classic Cuban cocktail.

White Havana Club rum, limes, lemons, sugar. Use like a classy lemon sorbet or serve with a cherry on top

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Serving Suggestion

Cocktail Sorbet

Rookbeare Farm - Cocktail Sorbet Serving Suggestion

Topped with alcoholic cherry.


  • "This was an impulse buy as how could a sorbet, however pure and well made recreate the taste of a favourite tropical cocktail????? Well, it does more than that it is heaven on a spoon! I suggest serving in a Manhattan glass with a sprig of Mint and a large slice of lime to go with it: Bliss:)"




Starting with water direct from the Rookbeare spring, we make a syrup by adding unrefined cane sugar and citrus pectin.

This is frozen in small batches with lots of fruit and a little lemon juice. Nothing else is added - All you can taste is the fruit.

Where can you buy our sorbets?

Waitrose Ocado
Harrods Whole Foods Market
Otterton Mill Riverford Farm Shop
Garsons Farm Shop Darts Farm
Joshuas Harvest Shop Barleymows Farm Shop
Our sorbets are also available from all good farm shops, delicatessens and independent grocers.